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Feedback is an essential part of the educational process. There is an increasing focus on using data to guide instruction, but wow do you manage data for every student?

This #TechTipTuesday post reviews GradeCam, an awesome platform to help teachers collect, manage, and use student performance data to guide instruction as well as track overall progress towards standards.

GradeCam is a web-based program for scoring assessments, analyzing data, and tracking student progress. Quickly grade assessments with a computer, mobile, or desktop camera and easily transfer grades to your LMS. You can also use GradeCam to keep track of paperwork, like permission slips or code of conduct acknowledgments. The free version offers up to 10 items per test while the paid version allows up to 100 items. Both versions provide the instructor with item-by-item analyses, item summaries, and class averages. A snapshot of an item-by-item analysis below.

Check out the #EdTechTips one-pager to learn more about GradeCam and how to get started.

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