Ed Tech Tips: Adobe Spark

Ed Tech Tips - Adobe Spark

Welcome to the first of many installments of #TechTipTuesday

Teachers across the globe swiftly transitioned their face-to-face courses to an online format in response to the current pandemic. The herculean efforts by teachers should be acknowledged and praised to the end of time! To teachers everywhere, I see you and I appreciate what you are doing for students around the world while managing added responsibilities.

During the transition to an online format, I have had several discussions with secondary teachers about tools to create videos. There are many tools/platforms that are capable of creating video and you should use what you are comfortable with. What if you could adopt one tool that could easily tackle several tasks? Then Adobe Spark may be an option for you.

Adobe Spark is a powerful digital storytelling platform. It is a versatile tool that’s really a 3-in-1 platform for easily creating and sharing visual stories. Those three platforms are:

  1. Spark Video - create a narrated, animated video quickly. Reports, explaining course concepts, sharing a personal story. Start from scratch or use guiding prompts to build your story.
  2. Spark Page - create stunning, professional-looking web pages in minutes. Make essays, reports, and other written assignments more engaging by incorporating text and images into stories for the web.
  3. Spark Post - from scratch or from a template, create powerful graphics to be used across your program. Create advertisements for events, attention-grabbing graphics for social media, or build stunning report covers.

Adobe Spark is a versatile tool with many use cases in your classroom and beyond. Check out this web page I created about Adobe Spark via Spark Page in less than five minutes here. Here is an example video I created with Spark Video.

The Adobe Spark for Education blog has tons of tips, tricks, and ideas for using this platform in your classroom too.

Check out the Ed Tech Tips one-pager for more ideas and step-by-step instructions for getting started.

Go forth and create! Take learning to the next level!

OP McCubbins


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