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Ed Tech Tips: Wizer

Ed Tech Tips - Wizer This edition of #TechTipTuesday is coming at you on Wednesday. I have been swamped with grading and wasn’t able to get this completed and pushed out yesterday. Anyhow, here’s another #EdTech tool you can add to your teacher toolkit. I have seen many inquiries for ways to use traditional worksheets in the current remote teaching format. I would typically respond to these requests with the question, “is a traditional worksheet the best method for teaching or promoting student learning?” The term worksheet can have some negative connotations. I would encourage you to check out the “ Frickin’ Packets ” blog post from the Cult of Pedagogy. The author does a great job of explaining that the main criticisms of worksheets are often directed at a specific kind of worksheet; one she calls a ‘busysheet’. She goes on to describe a continuum that worksheets fall on. The low-level end classified as ‘busysheets’, and the higher-order, quality learning tool classified as ‘po

Ed Tech Tips: Adobe Spark

Ed Tech Tips - Adobe Spark Welcome to the first of many installments of #TechTipTuesday Teachers across the globe swiftly transitioned their face-to-face courses to an online format in response to the current pandemic. The herculean efforts by teachers should be acknowledged and praised to the end of time! To teachers everywhere, I see you and I appreciate what you are doing for students around the world while managing added responsibilities. During the transition to an online format, I have had several discussions with secondary teachers about tools to create videos. There are many tools/platforms that are capable of creating video and you should use what you are comfortable with. What if you could adopt one tool that could easily tackle several tasks? Then Adobe Spark may be an option for you. Adobe Spark is a powerful digital storytelling platform. It is a versatile tool that’s really a 3-in-1 platform for easily creating and sharing visual stories.  Those thr

Welcome to Ed Tech Tips!

Welcome! Thanks for dropping by! The intention of this blog is to create a space for me to model the shift from content consumer to content creator. As a former high school teacher and current teacher educator, I am well aware of the demands placed on teachers. I also know that teachers don't get much training on how to effectively integrate technology through their teacher preparation program. There are a plethora of tech tools at our disposal. Limited exposure or general lack of time to explore are additional reasons teachers don't use technology. Can a blog remedy this in some way? I'm going to try! My goal with this blog is to create and share useful tips and tutorials that you can add to your teacher toolkit. My initial goal is to share two blog posts each week. "Ed Tech Tips" (a revision and extension of my previous Ed Tech Info Project ) will be a standardized blog post on Tuesdays of each week. The format and day of publication for my second blog